About 360 Kickflip

360 kickflip (a.k.a 360flip, Treflip, or Possible) is a trick spinning your board 360 degrees along with both horizontal and vertical axes. It is a combination of 360 pop shove-it and kick flip but way of doing is not just a simple addition of both tricks.

HOWTO 360 Kickflip?

360kickflip has two keys which are…

1.Back Foot Motion
In 360kickflip, not only your front foot but also your back foot plays important role for adding kickflip spin to your board. The keyword is “scoop.”

2.Keeping Your Weight On Center Of Board 
You can easily lose your balance when you are trying to rotate your board but you cannot catch your board as long as your weight is not at right position.

Let’s go though each step.

Stance For 360 Kickflip

360kickflip has an unique stance. Place your back foot toe little over edge of the tail like you can touch side of tail with your toe fingers. Your front foot position is similar to kick flip but place little more backward and turn it to forward. 

Form For 360 Kickflip

Although it is a unsteady stance at first but make sure your weight is on center of your board. Keep your board always parallel to ground. Imagine you are always on center of your board. Turn your body around 45 degrees to forward and look around your front foot or nose. Keep looking same point helps you being of center of the board.

“Scoop” An Unique Back Foot Motion

Back foot motion is the most important element for 360 kickflip. It is more like “Scooping” tail than popping. Kick tail like hooking side of the tail with your toe and scoop toward diagonally front. Little more stronger than pop shove-it. It is hard to get but you will gradually get it. 

Front Foot Motion

Your board will get half or even full flip rotation if you did right scooping motion so your front foot does not need much effort to add kick flip to you board. Flick little bit right after back foot scooping pull up. 

*Some people add flipping motion mainly with their front foot. You can see how much flip your can get from your back foot motion and adjust your front foot motion to it. 

Catching Board

Keep looking spin of your board and catch it. At first, your board tends to goes wrong direction but this is usually happens because of losing balance. So always being right on the board is the key to your first landing.

How To Practice 360 Kickflip?

This may be the first trick spinning your board 360 degrees so this is not going to be as easy as other combination tricks like varial kickflip. You can take 3 steps to get your consistent 360kickflips.

1. Leaning scooping motion of your back foot. Ignore weight position and being right on board.
2. Try to get on board. Ignore smoothness and balance.
3. Once you land your first 360kickflip, focus on your weight position and try to be always on center of your board.

It may take some weeks or months to get your first 360kickflip but keep on trying. You will gradually get it should turn out to be pretty easy once you get it.


Q : Should I Learn 360 Pop Shove-it First?

You may thing you should learn 360 pop shove-it before trying 360kickflip but you don’t really need to. 360 pop shove-it is usually as hard as 360kickflip because you would need some control to get rid of flip spin. Ways of doing 360pop shove-it and 360kickflip are similar so it is easy to get both tricks once you learned either one.

360 Kickflips on Skate Videos

360kickflip is very popular trick so you can see this trick in almost all skate videos. A great thing of this trick is it looks very different with timing, power balance and body motion. Every skaters do this trick differently. Remarkable ones are done with professional skateboarder Stephan Janoski. You can check out his steady light 360kickflips in videos below.

Stephan Janoski | Habitat: Mosaic

Stephan Janoski | Transworld Skateboarding’s “subtreties”