Pop shove-it is one of a trick you can start practicing after learning ollie with kickflip and 180s. It usually take shorter to learn than kickflip because you do not really need to use your front foot to spin your board.

What is Pop Shove-it?

As the trick name implies, pop shove-it is a popping shove-it. You can add the shove-it spin into ollie by using your back foot. Pop shove-it is a basis of many tricks like varial kickflip, 360kickflip, and inward heelflip. Let’s look more detail below.

How To Pop Shove-it?

*First of all, you have to be able to ollie to get this trick. You better to have ollie skill enough to over at least 1 feet (30cm) high object.

Stance for Pop Shove-it

Stance is almost same as ollie but your back toe should be little out from side of the tail. 

Form of Pop Shove-It

Your upper body should be little open to forward than ollie. It is just same as normal shove-it. Remember form of upper body when you do shove-it. Look around nose and get ready to watch spin of your board.

Kick tail to Diagonally Forward

This is the most important part of the trick. Way of adding spin is little different from normal shove-it. Kick diagonally forward with your back toe and pop tail rather than snapping it to side. Don’t forget to jump straight up and keep your balance. 

About Front Foot

There are two things you should take care about your front foot. First thing is not to disturb spin of your board. The another is catching board in the air. Pull up your front foot to your body as soon as the tail hits ground trying not to touch your spinning board and wait your board in the air to catch.

Catch Your Board In The Air

If every motion is fine, your board is spinning right beneath of you. Do not lose your balance in the air and catch your board with your front foot. In pop shove-it, you can usually catch your board in the air from early stage.


You can land naturally if you can catch your board in the air. Bend your knees to relax landing tension and land with four wheels.

How To Practice Pop Shove-it?

Pop shove-it is all about your back foot. Do not go land with both feet from first. Spin your board only with your back foot and see if you can do it properly. After you get how to spin, go land with both feet focusing on jumping straight up and not losing center of your body. It should not take long time to land it.

Master of Pop Shove-it

411VM | steve nesser

It is not so hard to learn pop shove-it in flat ground but it going to be harder and riskier when you take it to big stairs or gaps. It looks simple but cool in big sections. Stave Nesser is a professional skateboarder who did awesome pop shove-its. You can watch those shove-its in his old part in 411VM.