About Varial Heelflip

Varial heelflip (Heelflip Shove-it) is a combination of F/S pop shove-it and heelflip. Same as varial kick flip, way of spinning board is simple addition of f/s pop shove-it and heel flip so it is easier to imagine when you get arial kick flip.

How To Varial Heelflip? 

Stance For Varial Heelflip

Your back foot is used for horizontal spin and front foot for vertical spin. So Place back foot like f/s pop shove-it and front foot like heel flip. Put power onto back foot toe and front foot heel. Don’t forget to make your board parallel to ground. 

Body Form For Varial Heelflip

Your body should turn to sideward. Make sure your shoulders are along with your board. Look around your front foot. Placing your weight on little backside can let you pop tail easier.

Back Foot Motion

Jump straight up and pop tail with your back foot like f/s pop shove-it. Keep direction of your body and weight.

Front Foot Motion

Add heel flip with your front foot little after popping tail. Flick right before board starts rotating.

Keep Your Weight and Land

Keep your balance and stay right on your board, weight your board finish spinning, and catch it.

How To Practice Varial Heel Flip?

It is all on your skill of both f/s pop shove-it and heel flip. It shouldn’t take long to get this trick if you are good at both basis. Focusing on body direction can be good shortcut.

Tail Does Not Hit Ground Property

You may face difficulty of popping tail property in varial heel flip. This is usually happens because you are focusing on adding heel flip with your front foot and lose your balance. To pop tail property, make sure you are placing your weight little more back side and pop tail little more stronger than f/s pop shove-it. You can gradually get nice pop.

Varial Heelflip On Skate Video.

Josh Kalis “DC Video” (2003)

Although this trick has been done in many places, should be watched is one by Josh Kalis over Love Park’s trash can in DC video released in 2003. Speed, height, style… everything is great. High viral heel flip very hard but looks great.