What is B/S180?

The B/S (BackSide)180 is a rotation of yourself and your board 180 degrees as you ollie. As you rotate in the air, your back will face forward in the direction you are moving, hence the name. Compared with a F/S180 the main challenge of a B/S 180 as it relates to obstacles such as stairs or other ledges is the way it disrupts your forward facing line of sight.

However, B/S 180s tend to be easier to spin compared with the F/S180. Both the B/S180 and the F/S180 are important foundations for many more complicated tricks so it’s good to practice and develop them both equally.

How To B/S180?


The B/S180 stance is similar to that of the ollie. You may feel better prepared to perform the trick however if you position your front foot a little further back, heel side. Position your weight generally centered over your board, though you can lean backward just a tad to facilitate a full back-side spin. As you learn the trick, keep your eyes focused somewhere around the nose of your skateboard.

Body Anticipation

To harness power for your rotation, open your body so that it faces forward slightly. Start to rotate your upper body right before kicking down on the tail. As with the F/S180, kicking straight down on the tail and jumping upwards without losing your balance as you rotate will give your B/S180 more height and more of a magic-carpet type look during the rotation.

Where to Look While in the Air?

Since your line of sight will be drawn away from your landing position directly in front of you as you rotate, keep your eyes around the toes of your front foot (which will become your back foot when the trick is complete) as a point of focus, especially as you are learning the trick.

B/S180’s Peak

If your motion is correct, you will have rotated 90 degrees as you peak. This part of the rotation will have come mostly from the power motion of your body, whereas the remaining 90 degrees will rely mostly on your feet, waist and shoulders for spin.

Maintain Forward Facing Upper Body

Finish the spin after peaking by using your waist, feet, and shoulders. Anticipate with your body the fact that you will now be moving forward in the same direction as when you started the trick but with the opposite stance, the position of your feet inverted. Revert to a slightly open, forward facing stance with your body after you have stuck your landing. 

B/S180 Landing, cont’d.

Especially as you are learning and getting comfortable with the trick, keep your eyes focused on your back foot (your front foot before when you initiated the trick) as you land. It may seem unnatural but this point of focus for your eyes can really simplify and get you used to sticking B/S180 landings. 

How To Practice B/S180?

If you are comfortable with your ollie, it shouldn’t take you too long time to land a B/S180. Focus on keeping your balance throughout the trick and timing the spin you impart on the board through your body’s momentum. Once you get used to doing B/S180s, start poppin’ them on the regular. Enjoy them, and remember, try to develop your B/S180 as well as your F/S180 equally!

Master of B/S180

Jeremy Wray

One professional skater who does crazy B/S180s is Jeremy Wray. Check out his B/S180s as he clears huge gaps and cars!