Once you get used to doing frontside power slide, try backside power slide next. Backside power slide looks cool in downhill and many other spots. It also could be a good training for many sliding tricks on box or ledges which you may learn later. 

What is Backside Powerslide?

Backside power slide is a power slide but your body turns backward while sliding. Sliding backward may scare you at first but remember how you do frontside power slide. It makes you easier to have a right way of sliding. 

How to Backside Powerslide?

The key for backside power slide is form of your upper body while sliding. You have to twist your body and look forward even though you are going backward.

Stance for Backside Power Slide

Put your back foot on edge of tail. Your toe is little out from tail and can touch side of tail. Your front foot is on front hardwares. Like frontside version, front foot is used as an axis of turn so put power onto front foot. Your body weight is on center of the board. 

Pushing Tail With Backfoot Toe

Bend your knees a little to get ready and push side of tail with your back foot toe. Keep adding power onto your front foot to stay same position.

Twist Body to Forward

In step1, your upper body does not turn to backward. Twist your body to opposite way to your back foot and look in front of your back foot heel. 

Head is right above Board

You can keep sliding as long as you push your board with your back foot and upper body. Try to keep your body weight not going to backward too much. Placing your head above board is good way of doing it.

Prevent Wheels from Stacking Ground

While sliding, try to put little more weight onto wheels behind and prevent front wheels from stacking on ground. You will fall down by sudden stop if wheels do stacks on ground. 

Finish Sliding

When you finish sliding, just relax your power of your back foot and body and get back to normal form. Your board automatically turns back. 

How to Practice Backside Powerslide?

You will need some amount of speed to practice power slide. Since backslide power slide is little riskier than frontside because you slide backward, try not to go too fast. Practice on smooth flat ground first. You can take it to downhill when you get used to doing it and have confidence.

SF the paradise of downhill

Here is a little movie you can see some power slides in downhill. Once you get into the world of skateboarding, you will see not only flipping board, but other styles such as cruising, downhill, going pools, and many other styles are also very fun.

San Francisco is mecca of skateboarding and one of the best place for doing downhill. Skaters shown in the movie(Julien Stranger, Frank Gerwer, and many other well known skaters) enjoys doing downhill tells us how fun those kind of skating is through their skating. Very natural backside power slide shown in the movie look really awesome. 

Dennis Busenitz

Dan Drehobl

John Cardiel